Centre Spin - Fidget Spinner

Created by Anthony Lawson

Centre Spin - Fidget Spinner
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Addendum to the last update...
10 days ago – Wed, Oct 11, 2017 at 07:47:44 PM

I want to apologize to those that wrote asking about the ship date.  I certainly didn't mean to sound like it was a problem.  Unfortunately, when you use "quotes", it makes everything seem sarcastic.  You are always welcome to write and ask about ship dates, I just wanted to clarify why the shipments are a little late.

Thanks again!


No frills shipping update...
10 days ago – Wed, Oct 11, 2017 at 05:20:48 PM

Hey, hey...

Always delays, always some issue but, as of tonight we will be about 50% shipped and close to 90% shipped by Friday.  Basically, if you didn't order Titanium, your package is already on the way or will be on the way by Friday.  Titanium is finishing up in a week or so but I'm still determined to get them out the door before the end of the month.  Will mostly depend on the laser engraving schedule.

Side note on shipping estimates.  I've had a few people write and state that the "shipping date was September".  Please keep in mind that with a crowdfunding campaign, these are always estimates and can rarely be exact.  You're dealing with having a new product manufactured so there will always be hiccups but, we got pretty dang close.  To put it in perspective, one of the first campaigns I backed was "estimated" to arrive in December of 2012 and I still haven't received it.  The funny part is that us backers get occasional updates stating where he is with the piece etc.  I think that ship has sailed man.

I appreciate all of your patience and hope you dig your Centre spinners! 

Thanks again!!


about 1 month ago – Thu, Sep 07, 2017 at 12:21:58 AM

Hey, hey, hey...just another quick progress update.  The little beauties are getting the slots put in the side (photo below) and then one final operation after that.  The caps are back from laser engrave (maybe I mentioned that already) and sitting here waiting to be assembled.  The bearings are supposed to ship on the 11th but that's still not a guarantee.  Keep you posted on that one. 

Can't wait to get these beauties in my hand!

Thanks again for all of the support!  I'll have another update next week.


p.s. If you haven't already, please check out my wife's project.  She's working hard to make it happen and so grateful for the support so far.  Oh...I also play a part in the brand, if you were wondering :)  Gemma Raffo is an idea she's had for years but I haven't had time to help make it a reality.  The meaning behind it is pretty special and she's excited to share it with everyone.

Fixture to get the fancy slots cut in
Fixture to get the fancy slots cut in


Check out the campaign for my wife's brand!
Check out the campaign for my wife's brand!


The latest and Gemma Raffo launch
about 2 months ago – Tue, Aug 29, 2017 at 12:54:21 PM

Hey guys,

Just got word that the caps are on the way back from laser engrave and the bearings are two weeks out.  I should have some quantity ready to ship in a few weeks and they will trickle out the door in the weeks following.

Gemma Raffo

In other news...My wife just launched her first campaign!  It's been years in the making and the funding from this campaign/Passing Coin will go to create multiple pieces that will launch this holiday.

I'll let the campaign speak for itself but I encourage you to watch the video and check out some testimonials at the bottom of the campaign.  They are a bit long but worth the read, in my opinion.

The Passing Coin

Finally, please take the time to sign up for the newsletter at
We will be sending out a "brand launch" newsletter in November/December with an exclusive discount code for the new products.

Thanks for all of the support!



Survey today!
3 months ago – Mon, Jul 24, 2017 at 08:00:25 PM

Funds have landed!  Surveys are on the way!  Backerkit now requires a "smoke test" if you have over 500 backers so 5% of you will get it this morning and, I believe, I should be able to send the rest later today.  Not sure as this feature is new.  It's to make sure that there are no mistakes in the process.


For those of you that have used Backerkit before, this will be a breeze.  For the rest of you, will also be a breeze.  It's pretty self explanatory and works like any ecommerce store but you will have "credit" in the amount that you pledged.  If you added funds to your pledge for extra spinners, you just select them as "add ons" and it will come out of your credits.

Ex: You are a domestic backer and pledged Stainless Steel but also added funds for an additional Copper spinner.

Your total would have been $178

Your survey will show that you have Stainless coming to you with an $85 credit.  You then select Copper as the add on and your balance will be zero.

If you then decide that you would like to add more products, there will be a balance and will have to add your credit card info.

That sounds more complicated then it is.

More add ons...

You will also see a variety of best selling products available in the add ons section.  This is mostly for those of you that are new to J. L. Lawson goods and would like to add on some items and save shipping.  That said, there are a couple of new pieces that will be available here before adding to the website...

The first is a new spinning top design that I'm in love with.  It's 7/8" diameter and will be a new Standard on the site once I'm finished with survey orders.  I'm limiting this to 100 pieces for backers because it's all I can machine in the next month or so.  This top will retail for $68 but available to you guys for $48.

The second is the Tempus Coin now available in solid Brass!  These will also be added to the site later in the year but likely will be closer to holiday.  All of the items are marked down around 20% off my standard retail cost just to entice you a little more. 

I won't try and pretend that I'm offering these extra add ons only as a bonus to you guys, it's also an effort to sell more products but I do lose an extra 5% to Backerkit and am offering a higher discount then I generally do on the site.

Please don't inquire about adding other products from the site as an add on.  If there is something on the site you'd like to purchase, you can contact me and I'll extend a discount but won't be able to send in the same shipment.


A few of you wrote that had pledged a dollar in order to stay in touch about pre-orders.  I now have a pre-order link set up and those will ship in October after the KS pledges have been fulfilled.

Pre-order link


If you have ANY issue with the survey, please feel free to write me a direct message with your name and email and I'll help you through the process.

Thanks again!


The new top design available in the add on section
The new top design available in the add on section


All new brass Tempus Coin is also available!
All new brass Tempus Coin is also available!